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July 29, 2004

Happy Anniversary to Us

Sarah and I are departing tomorrow afternoon for a secret, undisclosed location for a 3rd Anniversary Getaway. I can only disclose that the location has an honest-to-God Tiki bar at the top of a tower on an island in the middle of the pool. We'll be returning on Saturday night to prepare for the 2nd Annual Bloody Mary Buffet and Sunday Brunch Potluck the next morning.

Here's a picture of the happy couple. I have a bad habit of making the hard gangsta face when Jack Jackson takes my picture. I smile every once in awhile.


Update - This picture was taken the Friday before school started last August at a Head of Femur show. Since then, my hair has gone white, my skin has turned yellow and you can see the lump in my chest formed by my enlarged liver and pancreas.

Posted by Half-Cocked at July 29, 2004 10:08 PM


Edit: what hair you have left turned white. Happy Anniversary!

Posted by: Justin at July 30, 2004 08:13 AM

Just wait 'til you're my age, young man.

Posted by: Steve at July 30, 2004 08:44 AM

You two look great. Happy Anniversary and I hope you're having a terrific time in your undisclosed location!

Posted by: ambimb at July 31, 2004 05:07 PM