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August 30, 2005

I'm sickened and pissed off

I haven't posted for a few days because I'm still getting into 3L mode and there was weather porn on the TV from Saturday night until now.

I don't have any particular connections to New Orleans. An old roommate of mine who went to law school at LSU was living in Mandeville the last time I talked to him about 10 years ago. Bekah, whose blog is still up after all these months, was going to Tulane but I'm sure she's out of harm's way.

Now, this is where I politicize a horrible event. First, when it was a given that New Orleans and the Mississippi and Alabama Gulf Coasts were going to be devastated where was the leader of our country? On Sunday he was still on vacation. Even on Monday while the storm was hitting, our dear leader was on a golf outing. "Watch this drive."

Did he fly to Louisiana or Mississippi to survey the damage or do anything else a real leader would do? NO. After the lesson of The Pet Goat he sure was quick to stand on a pile of rubble and corpses in NYC about 4 years ago though. There wasn't a peep from our dear leader until Tuesday when he dedicated one minute and 27 seconds to Katrina's damage while he was in San Diego trying to compare himself to FDR and the Iraq War to WWII.

What a sick son of a bitch! He couldn't go off his own propaganda script long enough to truly acknowledge what was happpening. Instead he just gave out some 800 numbers and tore into his standard stump speech about how the Shiites are Ben Franklin, the Kurds are Thomas Jefferson and the Sunnis are Alexander Hamilton. Fuck that!

Has anyone wondered where the Louisiana National Guard is? All but 3,000 of those soldiers are in Iraq and the 3,000 here aren't fully equipped because all the spare trucks, etc., are in fucking Iraq. A real leader wouldn't have invaded a foreign country based on lies. Isn't the national guard supposed to guard the nation?

It gets better. The Army Corps of Engineers were working on fixing the dikes around New Orleans because they'd been sinking for years. Where did the money go? Homeland Security and Iraq. Millions of dollars that would have gone to saving a historic city instead went to destroying other historic cities. The link above is to a long story that contains a multitude of links to various stories from Louisiana newspapers over the past few years linking the lack of money for levees and pumps to the Iraq ware and tax cuts for the wealthy.

Speaking of tax cuts for the wealthy, did you notice the poverty rate has increased for the fourth straight year?

Oh, and go looters! Racism is alive and well in the press. Check out these two photos and their captions.

Posted by Half-Cocked at August 30, 2005 11:37 PM

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The different captions on the two AFP photos do suggest there are different rules for different races.

As far as finding food and drink to survive on in that environment, I don't think "looting" is the appropriate term.

In defense of GWB, I'll say that it appeared on Monday (and even Tuesday) that the most dire predictions would not be fulfilled.

Posted by: Abe of Lincoln at August 31, 2005 09:38 PM

True, Abe. The true nature of the catastrophe wasn't really apparent until Tuesday afternoon. However, the predictions on Saturday and Sunday were pretty dire.

Posted by: Steve at August 31, 2005 10:04 PM