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January 20, 2006


One thing I've witnessed in lawschool is the degradation of brand new laptops over the course of three years. Mine finally died last year and while I could replace the motherboard and be OK Best Buy fucked it over so bad (and then blamed me for it) that I doubt the problems would end with a new MoBo. Some of the 3L's are clinging to their practially obsolete Dells and Compaqs like it's their last link to law school. The man known as lunchbox when he randomly comments here props his screen up with his water bottle. I don't know if that'll help him in his duck races later this year but I really needed to say "duck races."

My class was the class that finally made laptops the rule rather than the exception demanding to be allowed to type our exams on our pet computers rather than write them. Last semester some professors actually required the exam to be typed on a computer (if you don't have a working laptop you get to use one of the library desktop machines). I guess the reading ease finally won them over. Of course, with typing comes word limits and I didn't take an exam last fall that didn't have a word limit. I also never came close to any of the word limits.

Oh, and why did I title this entry "Fun?" If you have a working laptop and are sitting through a class you signed up for because it was easy and are becoming excruciatingly bored this game with lasers and mirrors and stuff is really fun but still requires much more thought than Zuma, Snood and the like. I'll continue to entertain myself with the Sudoku and NY Times crossword.

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January 19, 2006

I'm still here

And I'm here with a sweet new $9 keyboard. I've found I spill on them too often to shell out big bucks for one of those ergonomically correct and efficient setups that are all the rage these days around the office. Luckily I learned how to type on an IBM Selectric so I know how to hold my hands to avoid the afflictions associated with $9 keyboards.

School is awesome. Two weeks down, 13 to go and then I get to relearn it all over a couple of months. I wonder how someone who just took the bar review but skipped the school part would do if they were really serious about it and spent all their waking hours studying?

I have a bit of a euphoric feeling these days as I walk the halls of the school. None of my classes are particularly challenging save for Fed. Jur. which is the hardest class in the school according to the professor and everyone I've talked to who's ever taken it. Prof. FedJur also sits on the NCAA infractions committee and has 3rd row, half-court aisle seats for this year's final four so I can talk college hoops with her.

I'm now facing the endless stream of paperwork associated with this time of year for 3L's. I feel like my rights are being violated by the bar association. I have to list all the places I've lived and worked since I was 18! Only 33 I'm already suffering from age discrimination...and I haven't even started a really intensive job search yet.

I stumbled across an argument the other day over who would win a fight between Chuck Norris and Jack Bauer and I came up with this.

FACT: Jack Bauer once killed Chuck Norris by stopping his heart with a devastating roundhouse punch to his chest. Jack then resuscitated Chuck with a shot of adrenalin just so he could kill him again. And he did.

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January 10, 2006

I need a new keyboard

I have to hit my space bar multi times for each space. Real posts soon when I get one.

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January 06, 2006

Friday Random Play: Last Weekend Edish

With random rankings (1-10).

  1. Morphine - "Cure For Pain": 8
  2. Dave Brubeck - "Maori Blues": 6/4
  3. Bob Dylan -"The Wicked Messenger": 5
  4. Pixies- "The Navajo Know": 5
  5. Slayer - "South of Heaven": 9
  6. Guided by Voices - "Exit Flagger": 4
  7. Sonic Youth - "Secret Girl": 6
  8. Liz Phair - "Fuck and Run": 8
  9. Juliana Hatfield - "Somebody is Waiting for Me": 3
  10. The Band - "We Can Talk": 7

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Happy Last Semester

Barring any last minute changes I have my last semester schedule nailed down pretty well. In a perfect world someone would drop Judge Riley's Thursday night trial advocacy class in which case I could drop ADR.

Copyright - 1330-1445
Fed Jur - 1450-1620
Mediation - 1630-1830
Copyright - 1330-1445
Fed Jur - 1450-1620
Ed Law - 1900-2100

ADR - 1510-1625
Mediation -1630-1830

ADR -1510-1625

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