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I Need Your Vote!

I haven’t written much about the financial aspect of cancer, but as you can imagine it plays a very big role in all of this. We are very lucky that we have private health insurance that so far has covered a large portion of my medical expenses. And the costs are astronomical. Insurance hasn’t covered it all, however, and we have had to make major adjustments in our spending and budgeting in order to keep our heads above water. We have dipped into and used most of our cash savings and have had to resort to other sources of funds such as college and retirement savings in order to make this work. People don’t talk about this part of it very much because as a society we don’t talk about money, but it has caused me a very high level of stress throughout the entire ordeal. I can’t even imagine how people who do not have insurance deal financially with a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

I am going to law school to fulfill a dream, but there are practical reasons for my choice, as well. We always knew that in order to send three kids to college and to be able to eat when we retire I was going to have to return to work at some point. Right now I am on track to graduate from law school the same month that Karly graduates from high school. That means that in 2009 our mailbox will contain both my new paychecks and new tuition bills. Perfect timing. In addition, I will have to begin making payments on my student loans, which will be in the range of $80,000-$100,000.

Not long ago I stumbled upon a link to a website that was offering a $10,000 Blogging Scholarship to a post-secondary education student blogger. Since I fit the application profile I thought I would go ahead and submit my blog just to see what happened. What happened was that my blog was nominated as one of 20 finalists for the $10,000 scholarship. Needless to say, this scholarship would be an immense help to my family and to me right now.

While I am amazed and ecstatic that writing these posts for you has garnered such a nomination for me, I can’t win it without your help. Twenty blogs have been nominated, but it’s up to the voting public to choose the winner. That’s right…$10,000 will be awarded to a winner chosen by the internets. It’s kind of like American Idol but instead it’s Blogger Idol.

So I am asking for your help and for your vote. Voting is open from now through midnight on October 28, 2007. In order to vote, you can click on this link. On the webpage that comes up you will see a list of 20 names with radio buttons next to them. My name is 7th on the list and you can see that I have some serious competition. Will you vote for me, and will you ask your friends to vote for me, too? Thank you.


I'll put it upon my blog as well to spread the word.

Voted for you! Is this just one more thing you did in your "spare time?" I think you get more things done while you sleep than I get done all day long.

Best of luck in the contest.

And don't worry, mysterious as it sounds, once you channel your energies toward your passion, the money inevitably follows.

Hi, Kim! My neighbor, Kari Roberts, sent me a link to your site and the scholarship contest. I promptly cast my vote for you, and have encouraged some of my fellow mommybloggers to do the same. Good luck!

Hi - I found your website from my friend Amy Franklin. I am currently getting my MSSW (after getting a MEd and having 3 kids!) and specializing in oncology social work. I intern 2 days a week at the cancer clinic at Scott and White hospital in Temple, TX. I completely understand what you are saying about the financial ramifications of cancer - it is one of the issues I am being trained to help patients with.

I will post about the contest tonight on my blog and see if I can get my readers to vote for you - I have a pretty active blog, so hopefully that will drum up some votes!

Best of luck and I'll keep checking in with you.


This is the first time at your blog. But I wanted to tell you I'm voting for ya. And great to hear that your hair is growing back too. YEAY.

Hi, Kim. I found you through Whymommy at Toddler Planet. I voted for you and I'll cross post on my blog for you. Best of luck!!!

This will be on my blog, too!! Yay, you!!

Love, CGF xo

You got my vote; I hope you win it, Kim.

WhyMommy sent me over.... I voted for you!

Mieke posted about your contest, and so I voted for you.

As a mom and cancer survivor, I get it. However, I am lucky that I am Canadian, and so did not have to face the extensive costs that you do; even with universal health care though, cancer is expensive. There were drugs that we had to fight the insurance company for, there was the loss of income because I was too sick to work, there was the cost of prepared or take-out food because I was too sick to cook, too sick to take care of the house...

I can't help wondering (and I hope you don't mind me asking this question here ) -- what is it going to take to overhaul the American health care system?

Quelle bonne nouvelle ! Je suis contente que tes cheveux repoussent !
J'ai voté pour toi of course ! et je vais demander à tout mes amis de voter aussi et j'espère que tu vas gagner !
Tu es la meilleure !
Gros bisous et à bientôt !

Kim, just dropping by to share words of encouragement. Blogging isn't suppose to be a competition (though you're doing quite well), it's simply an outlet for your intellectual and creative expression. Just being on the top 20 list is a pretty neat honor already :)

Here from Whymommy. I voted for you! Good luck Kim!

I have voted and added you to my prayers as well. God Bless You and yours.

Voted for you! Good luck and may God bless you and your family on the cancer journey.

Hey Kim,
I found your site through another blogger Diane. I came and read your entry and went and voted. I hope you win so it will relieve some financial stressors. I have a friend who recently graduated law school and is nnow practicing in Dallas. She would say it is SO worth it so keep up the great work.
I hope you indeed win!

I'm one of the contestants for the blogging scholarship too- I hope that if I can't win, you do. Good luck to you!

Okay I voted and you're winning.

Do I get a purple finger now or some such shit?

I voted!

I got your link through Heather. I voted for you. Good Luck!

I pointed all of my lovely readers your way and hope that you win ;)

From one cancer survivor to another,


I sympathize with your situation and there is little doubt that the money would benefit you. In good conscience though, I feel voting for the blog I like best is the only way to be true to myself and the spirit of the contest.

I came over from ToddlerPlanet & went over to vote for you!

Good luck! Sounds like a great thing for you & your family.

And it looks like you are in the lead :)

Kim, happy to vote for you. I come to you through "Hotfessional" ...I blog at sage and thyme and as at ABreast in the World. As a fellow bc sister I am happy to cast my vote for you...best of luck with the prize! And all the very best on the breast cancer journey.

Yay Kim! You are in first place right now. I will continue to remind all my non-law school friends to vote for you.

Hi Kim. Love reading your blog. You have so many votes. Yeah! Cameron voted for you and was so happy to do it. So glad to hear about your hair. You are an amazing person. Oh, love the pictures of you at the marathon. I just love your son!

You have my vote..how I wish I can keep voting. You have the most votes. Very proud you are one of the top 20 Bloggers. In my opinion, you deserve to win. The story and what you're going through is worth every penny of that $10,000 scholarship. I will spread the word to my friends. Good Luck!!!

Visiting, Voting and Praying....came by way of Heather's....Blessings to you this day.


Voted. I certainly hope you win...both of your battles.

Found you from WhyMommy... voted... best of luck!!! Looks like you're in the lead!!!

Hi Kim,

I just wanted to stop by and tell you that not only has a friend voted for you, but is praying, in Colorado!
With love,

You have our prayers as well as our votes : )

Over here from WhyMommy's blog. Just voted for you and sent my whole contact list in my mail program a mail asking for everyone to vote and pass on the mail. Your stats show you're kickin some serious arse! I can already envisage you standing on the highest step of the podium in first place!
Love and strength to you.

Dear Kimberly,
I just wanted you to know that I voted for you. My friend (and your cousin) Jenny sent me this email. I will forward this message to eveyone that I know to vote for you. Good luck. You are in my thoughts and prayers. May God bless you and hold your hand through this hard time.

you are a mom and you have cancer. Yes, that is tragic. Other than that your blog is a wasteland of uninteresting content. The sympathy vote will probably get you the 10 grand but better bloggers will lose out Don't feel bad though. As you know only too well, no one said life was fair.

Heather B. from I Can Fly sent me an email about this contest and I voted for you, with fingers crossed that you get it (and I think you will--after I voted you had over 2000 votes and you're leaving everyone in your dust). And Robo Man, what a hurtful post. How unnecessary and cruel.

Go Kim!!!!

Found your blog through heather's blog. i voted for you. and i must comment that you look so beautiful in the pictures you have shared. keep on keeping on-thank you for sharing your thoughts.
ft myers, fl

Found your blog through heather's blog. i voted for you. and i must comment that you look so beautiful in the pictures you have shared. keep on keeping on-thank you for sharing your thoughts.
ft myers, fl

You got my vote.

Good luck!

Add my vote! I so admire your courage and strength and if this is how I can contribute to your scholarship than I would vote a thousand times if I could!

Robo man you are fucking coward to post with no email address. Keep your bitter shit to yourself. Didn't your mother ever tell you if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything.

Kim is getting votes because of the caliber of human being she is. We who know her and have read her blog for years know that.

Actually - YOU get my pity vote for being such a small small tiny-hearted and inaccurate human being.

I hope you don't win. You are violating the spirit of this competition.

You've had to dip into parts of your college and retirement funds? How very touching.

In spirit, this is a competition for undergraduates, not people in a lucrative post-graduate fields who already have money.


You too are a coward. You post insensitive and hurtful words but without the courage to back them up with contact info.

Kim is not violating the spirit of this contest she applied for it and was chosen by the contest organizers.

You are probably an unmarried, childless, 20-something with no concept of the meaning behind Kim's words that they've used up their cash savings. You don't understand what it is to pay for health insurance for five people, to pay a mortgage, to have car payments, to provide clothes and food for three teenage children. Or to have to pay for the large portion for her medicines and doctors visits that her insurance doesn't cover.

Again - who are you creepy small people with nothing nice to say? Just keep your mouth shut. You don't know Kim. You don't belong here. Coward!

I guess most scholarships are designed to pay for car insurance. Wonderful point.

I just loved the pictures and video of this wonderful and important cause-my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in summer of 2000-was NOT a breast cancer survivor either-she passed on in Feb. 2002.
I'd like to contribute for this great/important cause in MY area in Grand Junction Colorado and do a walk with other survivors and supporters of this horrific disease.

Renate Uhl Grand Junction CO.

I just loved the pictures and video of this wonderful and important cause-my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in summer of 2000-was NOT a breast cancer survivor either-she passed on in Feb. 2002.
I'd like to contribute for this great/important cause in MY area in Grand Junction Colorado and do a walk with other survivors and supporters of this horrific disease.

Renate Uhl Grand Junction CO.

As opposed to beer money? Or rent? or the latest Ipod?


You have a great blog and I support you 110%


I will keep your family in my prayers, and I voted for your blog. I got the info for your blog over at Especially Heather. She is a very inspirational person, at least to me, and I promise to come back and read more of your story when I have more time. I can tell you're a very determined person, and you've got such grace based on your response in the post to the naysayers. I pray that God's blessings will be upon you, those you love, and all who come to your blog to read and support you in your journey. Ta for now dahling!

Hi Kim,

My mother-in-law (Suzanne) passed an email to us. At 38, I am also pursuing a dream. I have 4 children, I'm in Nursing school and working...and a "few" other things. I know from experience it takes courage to just go back to school at "our" age - with all we have going on in our life. As a sister in that fight, I send loud cheers your way!!! Your additional burden and the strength and detemination you have and are showing, is a reminder that we can't let things, others, etc...keep us from knowing that we are worthy of our dreams...we are worthy of happiness...we are worthy of achievement...I have passed this on to all I know, in the hopes that you are victorious in the quest for this scholarship...the challenge was set before you and you are prevailing...XO Vicki

Robo Man and Chone:
What a shameful way to spend even one moment of your time and energy! The readers of this blog are a community of people who post to support and encourage Kim in everything she is doing. You have no place here. I will pray that you both develop a conscience and understand just some of the hurt and pain you could have created here, but knowing Kim, you just gave her a good laugh! She is invincible, as you will soon find out!

Hi Kim,
I just wanted to stop over at your blog and say hello and good luck. Sorry to see that your blog is facing negativity too. Good luck to you in the contest and in life. :)


I found your Web site through the blogging scholarship site, and I'm so glad I did!

My brother is a childhood cancer survivor, and despite awesome insurance and a supportive community we're still working our way through debt. It's the ugly side of something too ugly to have an ugly side - the part that sticks around even when all your hair's grown back and the scars have healed.

I'm so inspired by you - you're awesome!

Hi Kim,
Thanks so much for your comments on my blog about Kali. She is doing so well! Is Carly really that old now?? Looked at your pictures and I can't believe she is a teenager! I think it is time for a Klein family reunion! I must say that I am completely shocked about the cancer. I had no idea and I am in greater shock that it wasn't passed on to us. Maybe this was by your request, to keep it quiet. But you are most certainly in our prayers, and not only will I add your blog to my blog (lots of Ethiopian adoption folks to link up with), but we will also send on to everyone I work with.
And yes, you DO look beautiful without hair!


Great to see that so many have voted. My wife spoke to an older lady at our church last Wednesday night who said that she voted for you. I hope that you someday will know how many people who have never met you are praying for you and your family. You are truly blessed.


A vote and prayers for Kim....Maria 10/12/07

Good luck to you in your fight against cancer and your pursuit of your law degree!

Christi Menke (Co-worker of Becky Page)

Jess B sent me over.I voted for you.Good luck!

Hi Kim,

Aunt Barbara passed your info on to me. I'm a cousin on the Mlynarczyk side of the family - but in this ever-shrinking world, really we're all family. I wish you the best in your 'adventure' (let's not call it a battle - sounds too negative) and feel optimistic that you will come out stronger for it. I'm sure you're not letting those few pathetic comments from people who have no heart get you down. YOU GO GIRL!

You are in our prayers! Keep up the positive attitude.


Hi Kim! I have voted for you and also posted a link on my blog so that others can vote too. I pray that you win and that are more than an overcomer of the situations you face in life. I love the attitude you have towards those who have left harsh comments. Hurting people try to hurt other people. You have a great spirit and I will be happy to see you as the winner. All of God's best to you and your family!

Hi Kim, I have heard your story from my sister and your classmate Aimee. Wow! I've posted a link for this on my blog too and my other blogger buddies are following suit! Just reading all of these comments from others is a testament to how your life has inspired and touched others. I wish you all the best!

Dear Kim, An anonymous voice from the wilderness wishing you better health in the coming days and success in your chosen career. Mighty courageous, you are. Blessings!

Kim: I admire your strength & courage. As fellow mature law student, I can understand the challenges of juggling work while tackling something as daunting as law school. ...Doing it with a family & cancer? You must be superwoman!

You definitely have my vote!

I will keep you in my prayers.

I just voted for you. Best of luck!

I voted. Can I vote as like 10 other people? Ohhh I will just tell everyone I know to vote for you and be fair. Hows that. Impartial, truthful, upstanding citizen that I am not I may try to vote for you one more time. LOL

Kim - Why Mommy sent me over here and I'm so glad I found your blog. Having gone through law school, I have so much respect for those who do that while raising children. You're superwoman in my book, cancer or no cancer. Plus, knowing the tenacity of those drawn to the law, I don't doubt that you'll kick cancer's butt.

I put your link in my blog today. I hope it nets you more votes.

Kim--I found your blog through Sherry. Love this! You're articulate, wise and funny. And, good grief, you look just stunning bald--Jill

Kim, I found your site thru Jenn Miller. Just wanted to let you know I will keep you in my prayers and I voted for you! You are beautiful inside and out!!

I voted for you as well!

Done. And after reading your story I'm no longer going to blog my planned whinge on not being able to afford a hair cut. It's a microscopic issue compared to yours. Good luck.

I voted for you this morning. I almost forgot to vote, but thanks to my to-do-list and the holy spirit for reminding me to vote. You are in my prayers


We wish you and your family all the best and may God bless you and grant you a speedy recovery.

Andy Kovari

You are in my prayers.

I just voted for you. Found you through the "I can fly just not up" blog. Hope you win.

you should make your name more prominent in this posting. I was reading a bunch of blogs at once and it took me a minute to figure out which one was you again.

Kim, love ya huge and you get the votes from Kentucky. Hugs for all.


Focused on life..
Believing the best..
Thinking of others..
Passing the test..

Ignoring the blackhearts..
Sharing your soul..
Facing the challenge..
Creating your role..

Feeling for strangers..
Supporting your friends..
Learning what matters..
Your love transends..

Crafting the words..
Fulfilling your dreams..
Confronting the threat..
Your radiance redeems!


You are a winner - how wonderful for you to share your experiences with the world. I voted for you so good luck. We are neighbors of your Dad's.

Wow, what a powerful blog. I came to your blog by way of the blogging scholarship (and I've since voted for your blog and linked to it from mine). Your writing really puts the usual gripes and complaints of the typical student in perspective. All the best for the scholarship and your recovery.

For the record, you now have 7000 votes even. Its like watching an odometer turn over ... i love the round numbers

Voted for you! Great blog, found it today.

I'm here from Especially Heather and I just placed my vote for you. What an inspiration you are!

Good luck from a fellow nerdfighter! Just placed my vote.

Hi Kim,

I wandered here from the link on the Brotherhood 2.0 blog and have spent the last half hour or so reading your blog. I know several people fighting cancer right now, and I'm in grad school myself and know how hard that can be. I can't imagine trying to manage both AND a family at once. I'm definitely voting for you, and you'll be in my thoughts and prayers. I don't see how you can lose if the nerdfighters are all pulling for you!

You can thank John for my vote, I found your page through BroHo2. Best of luck. . .with *everything*.

Hi from a fellow nerdfighter; I found you through the Greens. I voted for you after reading back through your blog a bit, and I am sending you good vibes through the internets for all your struggles.

Yay, Kimberly! You're ahead! Nerdighter Travis here, hoping you get the scholarship. Good luck. If you have time to watch another show, I started a project partially inspired by Brotherhood 2.0. it's in the website link, called Musecast. Love to have you check it out if you've got time.

Ballot cast. Good look!


One of my FAVORITE authors (Jen Lancaster) put your information on her blog. I got 2 blessing today - the opportunity to "meet" someone so unbelievable and the chance to root for that person by voting for a scholarship! All the best from down here in VA! I plan on spreading the word - much like everyone else I am sure. :)

I got your name from an author whose work I enjoy, and was happy to come and vote fore you. I hope you don't mind I passed the link along to some friends.

Shade and Sweetwater,

I found you through Jen Lancaster's blog-- I'm blogging it too because you completely deserve it.

Hey - found you through Jennsylvania. I plan on blogging about this as well. Good luck and hang in there!

Found you via Amalah and the Club Mom Daily Dose. I voted for you and wanted to tell you good luck! I hope you win!

Put my vote in for you...hope you win!! :)

I voted for you because you made a Jedi Warrior costume and my wife would have done the same. Because you write a great blog. And because Nina told me to.

I will certainly vote for you...found about about you from Jen Lancaster's blog. BTW, to regrow eyelashes, you should try Revitalash. A friend raves about it. Good luck!

I found you through another blogger and went to vote for you. I recently graduated from law school (2005), and it was hard enough to do as a single 20-something, I can't imagine what it's like with all you have on your plate. Truly amazing. And I know firsthand that a $10K scholarship is just a drop in the bucket compared to all those loans, but it's a drop nonetheless. Good luck!

also putting it on my blog :) and saving it

Best of luck!

Got my vote. Looks like you might just win this by a landslide!

You have my vote.

I also have cancer and can attest to the fact, that for us, this is the "perfect storm," financially.

We never had any savings to speak of and what little there was is gone now.

I had so many things I was trying to pay with too little money and some how life insurance did not seem to be a priority. I was healthy, I have good genes, people in my family live into their late 80s and 90s. What a reality check!

We are lower income and have medical insurance through the state. Fortunately it seems to be good and, unless they kick us off for some reason, the medical bills should be covered.

Now I just need to figure out how to pay everything else if I can't work during chemo.

Gook luck with everything, I will keep you in my prayers.

Congratulations. You must have won the contest. I didn't get to see the final tally, but you surged to WAY over 9000 votes and the voting has now been officially closed.

Couldn't have been awarded to a more deserving candidate. We want to hear how you are notified by the scholarship authorities.

You did it.

Dear Kim,
Your blog caught my attention because law and humam rights is my passion. I too one day hope to complete my schooling to become a lawyer.Moreover, I have lost several loved ones due to cancer so yes I understand first-hand what you said regarding the financial nightmare faced by a cancer patient and their loved ones. My god-mother Carlonada Jones, my aunt Pansy Chestine and my god-father/football coach Scotty Hamil all passed as a result of cancer and the financial rollcoaster placed on them merely exacerbated the stress, emotional and mental anguish their conditoins caused them and all of us who love and cared for them.

I hope and pray that you have much sucess and continued improved health.

Lakeith Amir-Sharif ("Sharif")
MTWT-Texas Chapter

P.S. By now you should of been announced the winner of the contest and I couldn't think of a more desreving recepient.

Hi there!..