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Time Travelling

I’ve mentioned that I had a blog before I started posting about my breast cancer journey back in April of this year. It was a completely anonymous blog where I wrote about being a mom and about being a mom in law school. I started it in November 2003 and took the whole thing “off the air” in August 2006.

I initially began writing about my law school experience because when I was in the process of applying to law school there was only one other law school-related blog being written by a mother (From Engineer to Lawyer, who was pregnant at the time) and one blog being written by a lawyer who was a mom (Angry Pregnant Lawyer). I desperately wanted to know how other moms were handling the whole experience and thought that maybe I could help someone else by sharing my experiences. As I became more and more worried about the potential negative effects blogging might have on my future legal employment, however, I made the decision to take the blog down. Most of you never knew about that blog, although there are quite a few people reading who remember me from “the old days.”

Since I am blogging again, I have recently been tossing around the idea of re-posting some of those old posts on the off chance that maybe some other mom applying to law school might find them helpful. Today I looked through the old posts and found one that was written exactly three years ago today— the day I officially became a law school applicant. I will start out by posting that one, since it was essentially the beginning of my official path to law school (although the path itself actually began a long before that when I first thought about the possibility of becoming a lawyer). I will pre-date the posts with their original posting date, and hopefully will have some time to add more over the next few weeks.


Yay Kim! I'm sure by now you've read that many of us found your old blog really, really helpful. I think reposting some of those (especially the book cutting one!) would be great!!

I remmeber the crockpot meals for family and the book cutting -- I did both as a 1L thanks to you.


Your blogging is great - ( And you deserve the scholarship!) and I am glad that you are going to put your posts up. I look forward to reading your blog, you have a true talent - and you have insights that can be a real help to people.

Can't wait to get a signed copy of the book that you turn this into! It will be a hot item around the base and all over the island. ;)

Hope you are well. Thinking of you always!