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January 18, 2009

I Think This Makes It More Than Fifteen

I have volunteered to be a Breast Cancer 3-Day Ambassador again this year and last week the event publicist I have been working with asked me if I wanted to appear on NBC5’s Sunday news show as a spokesperson. I hesitated at first because it meant a very early drive into the city, but Randy convinced me to go for it with a promise to accompany me. As it turned out, when they knew he was going to be with me they wanted to interview him, too, so we both got some camera time.

The last time I did this was in August just before the walk. That day was warm and sunny, and we didn’t have to be at the studio until 8:45 a.m. This time we had to be there at 5:45 a.m., and there was no sun or warmth to be found as we headed downtown at 4:30 a.m. We parked relatively close to the NBC studio, but it was still a cold, dark walk through the all but silent and deserted city streets this morning. We sloshed through icy slush and stepped carefully over treacherously snow-covered sidewalks to get to the same “secret door” we entered last August.

Just like last time, we waited in the NBC “greenroom” with the other guests (a “fashion expert and author” and a representative of Hawthorne Mall) and some NBC staff members until it was time for us to go on. In August, the anchor (Ellee Pai Hong) came to talk to us before the interview, but this time we were on our own until it was time for us to walk to the news desk area and take our seats. As we rounded the corner from the backstage/control area to the studio area, we saw three tall chairs set up directly across from the news desk surrounded by several cameras and lights. An employee told us to choose a seat as she pointed us toward the chairs. As soon as we were in the room, everything began to speed up. Alex Perez, the anchor who interviewed us this morning, walked over to where we were sitting, sat down on his chair, and started reviewing his notes and asking me questions about myself and the walk. At the same time, crew members miked Randy and me. The woman who was miking me was obviously frustrated with the tangled cord of my mike, and she was still desperately trying to untangle it as the countdown to on-air began. She got it untangled and clipped on, and then another crew member ran up to re-tuck the front of my shirt just before the cameras started rolling.

As it did in August, the interview itself went very quickly and I hardly remember what Alex asked or what I answered. I do, however, remember the wrong answer I gave when he asked me about registering for the walk now. I told him it was a good idea to register now because it takes six to eight months to train and fundraise for the walk, but I was supposed to say it takes four to six months. Oops!

Here is a link to a video of the interview on YouTube. It was recorded from a TV so it's a little fuzzy but you can get the idea. If you are thinking about participating in the Breast Cancer 3-Day here in Chicago or anywhere else, it is a good time to register. If you are in Chicago and would like to join The Chest Nuts, we would love to have you. Randy and I will be crewing rather than walking this year, but it sounds like quite a few of The Chest Nuts will be walking again. You can join our team by clicking on the link on this page. You can also find out information about the walk in other cities from that page. And if camping isn't your thing and you would rather just make a donation, you can do that, too.

January 15, 2009

Frisk the 15th!

Today is January 15th! It's not too late to resolve to do a monthly breast self-exam...just make sure you start today!

January 06, 2009

A Few More Minutes

And in the New York Times, no less.

Update: As far as I can tell, the story will be in the print copy on Thursday, January 8th on page E6.

Update: There is an audio interview, too. To listen to the audio, just look on the left hand side of the screen right under the picture in the article. You will see a box that says "Multimedia" with a play button and my name just underneath that. You can listen to me, then Dave Shack, and then just let it loop and listen to us both over and over and over again. Just what you want to do, I know. :)