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December 22, 2004

Anger is good motivation...

Finals are over....

and I'm angry.

My friends are out drinking right now...celebrating...

and I'm angry.

Everyone is soooo happy that its over with...


.... I always know when I kicked ass on a test...and I KNOW I got my ass handed to me today. Now I can't do anything about it for another month until I get my grades...and I start getting angry all over again. I wonder... if swearing to do better next time...

"Losers try their best... winners go home and fuck the prom queen." -- a famous spy.

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December 15, 2004

Why I study so much better when under pressure...

So I started questioning why my efforts at studying are so much more fruitful two days before the exam...and I think I've narrowed it down to a few things.

1 - I don't care about all the fluff. An ENORMOUS amount of class time is spent on crap! Useless...rambling on about theory and "wouldn't it be nice" fantasies. When I sat down and asked myself what do I REALLY need to know... BAM... 60% of my notes gets chopped off.

2 - I take the remaining 40% of my notes...and ask myself.. What do I REALLY REALLY need to know? Cause I got one day to learn it! So I drop all the relevant but unlikely to be discussed topics. That usually pares down the material to around 20%.

3 - Next... I realized, about 70 - 80% of the exam is going to be on certain core ideas... basically the ones the professor likes. So lets focus on those.

4. Finally... and the most important step... I AIM FOR THE "B". That just gets rid of all my anxiety about being "perfect". I don't try to memorize...I don't get crazy trying to figure out the intricate details.... I just want to "GET IT"... so what do I have to do to make it all fit together in some way so I can talk about in a way that makes sense. I just try very hard to talk about it so that all the internal logic is consistent...and all the pieces have their place.

NOW... How do I get myself to do whats listed above... when I DON'T have exams hanging over my head.... HMMMMMMMM....

Deserves more thought.

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December 13, 2004

The reasons people SHOULD talk about exams...

Alright... Property Exam is OVER! and I feel great. Yup... I know, all of you people out there bitch about exams... and bitch about talking about exams...


I think the only reason people don't want to talk about their exams is because their expectations are so high! So... start with really low expectations... like I did...and when you get out of the test you'll feel great. I am just happy that I found enough to talk about that I was able to sit there for 4 hours. So stop worrying about "who got more issues" or did you get this issue... or did you know so and so left early... because we all know... it doesn't matter!

I am actually on a high right now.. and I am eagerly looking forward to my next exam. So if people want to talk about the test with me... great! If not... I'm not going to force myself on them.. but I am probably one of those annoying people that walked out of the exam with a smile on my face.... (what nobody realizes is that I am extatic about getting a B-!)

Good luck everybody... and don't hurt yourself straining for the A.

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December 11, 2004

How do you respond to pressure?

One of the best questions to ask yourself when your considering law school....
This is an important aspect of knowing yourself. Do you run? Do you hide? I do...I would like to think of myself better than that...but unfortunately, I guess I have a fear of hardwork. Be honest with yourself... Remember "knowing is half the battle"... but it is usually the easy part. The next hard step, is learning the necessary steps and habits to take, that will overcome your weakness.

Not everyone is as self analytical as I am... but everyone can look at the past patterns of their behavior and look for the times when they were most successful, and least successful. Mimic the good times and carefully look to see what carried you forward.

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December 10, 2004

Keeping Perspective...

Well... I was lying in bed... worry about my upcoming exams... and suddenly, I thought back over my whole life. I am almost 30... its been a pretty long time. Thats when I realized that in the scope of my existence... these next couple weeks are pretty insignificant. In fact, law school itself isn't all that important. Its just something I am doing right now.... My life has been very good. I am quite happy with many of my experiences. I have many more things that I want to experience... but nothing "hangs in the balance" ... this is not a life or death situation. Sure, some opportunties may come and go, and I do want to do as well as possible... but my life is full, and happy, and all I need to do is put forth a bit of effort, confidently, and with the assurance that in the perspective of all the years I have already been on this earth...and the many more I have ahead of me... this next week or two are not pivotal. I am more than just my grades. A lot more.

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December 08, 2004

Law School is Easy...

IF you can take it at your own pace. No one is in law school without having studied for many many years. We know how to study. The problem seems to be that I got caught in the law school hype...and the crazy pace that people try to maintain... all that did was drive me crazy... and send me on a downward spiral of dispair... trying to compare myself to others.

NOTHING in Law school is particularly difficult to comprehend. There is just a LOT of it.

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December 07, 2004

1 Week Till Finals

Alright... One week to go. In typical bad student fashion I have put off most of my serious studying until the last possible moment. So for all you other 90%'ers out there... your not alone. The one trap I constantly fall in to is saying to myself.. "I am the ONLY one that could be SOOOO stupid as to put all this off until the last minute"... but of course.. I am not... nor are you. Don't worry.. but don't plan on getting any A's either.

Unfortunately, I have pretty much resigned myself to getting a B average this semester. I have learned a lot about the law school experience... i don't think I am generally as stressed out as your average 1L, but that might also be due to my generally laid back attitude towards life.

Not to say I haven't tried to change... I try to be the aggressive New York high strung attorney...but it just isn't me. I am relaxed... I am generally non-confrontational, a live and let live kind of person. I can get excited about a legal issue, but there has to be some kernel of REAL truth at the heart of the discussion. Unfortunately, a lot of time in Law School is spent learning LEGAL FICTIONS.

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December 06, 2004


1. I am NOT a Writer. (IANAW) - I have seen the phrase "I am not a Lawyer" used on many legal commentary websites. This is my equivalent for this blawg. Yes, I know, logically inconsistent with the fact that I am writing this. However, consider it fair warning, that much of what you read here will probably be bland. Have poor grammar. (see!) And will otherwise lack the redeeming qualities that a person with some writing talent could bring to a blawg.

2. I AM NOT A GOOD STUDENT. I think this needs to emphasized. Do not take anything I say as advice on how to study in law school. Not, that I think there is anyone reading this right now... but its just good to put it out there.

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I guess the one thing I have had thoroughly grilled into me during the first semester at law school.... is that you better be able to answer this one question.

Why am I writing a BLAWG?

Furthermore, you should be able to come up with at least two decent opposing arguments to answer the question. SO... for now... I am going to try to answer this question:

- Stress Relief (?)
---->probably creates more stress than it relieves. I feel the pressure to write, etc.

- To Inform Others (?)
----> I not sure that I have all that much useful information to impart

- To create some kind of solid structure.
----> I guess this is more accurate. I think too much. I know this is a problem for me. Often they are very insightful and useful thoughts. Yet, without structure, they swirl around and turn my mind into the psychological equivalent of a jellyfish. When in the right suspension, quite beautiful... but fragile. Take it out of water and it collapses.

- Perspective
----> I don't THINK that I am your typical law student. From the outside, I have quite a few unique traits...but on the inside, I just may be your typical run of the mill ignorant, naive, irrational, One L.

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