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March 29, 2005

The downfall of pride

So... I discovered that I made a seriously flawed approach to my Moot Court Brief. I thought I was doing such a great job too...and then in the end I have to completely throw out my arguments, and almost start over. This is sad... I feel pathetic. I feel like I have been on the wrong track with this for the past two months.... what a enormous f'ing waste... I could have done such a better job if I had figured out this problem properly from the beginning. At least I know what the f I'm doing now... the funny thing is, more than one of my classmates told me I was screwing up... but none of them could quite explain to me why. My ego was bit too swollen to allow me to take them seriously. Well... I understand it REALLY REALLY well now.

I know none of this makes sense to anybody else...sorry... it was more for me.

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Already missed a day...

I said I would write in this every day, and I already missed a day. Anyway, I'll take a moment and write in it this morning. I have my legal writing moot court brief deadline coming up this Friday. I am re-writing the whole thing. I just couldn't be proud of the work I did the first time around. I read my roommates brief, and I realize how convoluted and poor my analysis was. His wasn't all that great, there were no "great" ideas... but at least it was clear. I think I try so hard to be a genius that I lose track of the basic need for clarity.

I actually got up this morning at 6:30 am and went to the gym for 20 minutes. It was good, in that it woke me up nicely... but I feel a little sleepy now. Time for class! and maybe some coffee...

I will keep writing in this, daily, for the next month.

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March 27, 2005

There is a cycle

That everyone goes through... I think. Apathy....Energy...Apathy... etc. Some people stay on the high or the low longer than others. But they are basically mood swings. They are driven by the things that we say to ourselves about our own abilities and actions.. our self dialog. I have seriously been on the down slope for awhile...and I think I hit bottom. So I promised myself... for the next 30 days, I am going to put my best effort into my work. I am NOT going to worry about the results, I am just going to do what I need to do as well as I can. I want to have some pride in what I do. Come April 30th, I want to be able to say I spent these last 30 days well. I lived them, I did what I needed to do, I did what i WANTED to do... I will not regret them. Every day... I will come here and write where I am in the cycle... how I am progressing. Writing in this blog is a matter of facing myself, facing my fear of disappointment, facing my negativity, facing my laziness, and calling myself to attention. I will not go silently into the night....

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Trying to be at peace...

So I have to face some facts, in fact in my academic life I have had to face these facts many times before. I don't think I have prepared enough. I don't think I have read enough. I don't think I will do well on finals... yet, I still have to put my best effort forward.

If you are considering law school...and you really want to do well, be sure you have GOOD STUDY HABITS... I think that is the secret to success here. The discipline to sit down and get your work done no matter what distraction may try to draw you away. That is all you need to succeed in law school.

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