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April 07, 2005

"To live is to function; that is all there is to living."


Well.... I did well in my practice orals! I have to do the finals now next week... but anyway, it has been motivating. I didn't break down, I didn't fall apart... I didn't melt... I thought all that might happen. But when your up there on the podium, and you know what your talking about, it just comes naturally. Thank GOD!

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April 04, 2005

Unproductive Day...

I wanted to be a better student today.. a bit disappointed in myself. There is a certain amount of apathy/inertia that must be overcome in order to start working. Once you start moving though, it seems to be a self sustaining momentum. I need to find a trick to break the inertia quickly. The problem of course, is that I know my own tricks. Ha.

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Crunch Time

Well this is it... now is when things get serious... now is when I have to start playing catch up for all the slacking I have been doing all year. Is it doable in a month? Do I care? I think I just need to measure my performance against myself. Can I cover all the topics that I need to cover... can I do a good job? Most importantly.. .did I really try? Did I put in the necessary effort? Will I be proud of what I did?

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April 01, 2005

Well its done

The final draft of my Moot Court Brief got submitted today. No matter how many times we said we would get it done in advance, it still came in at the last minute...in fact, an hour late. Although, this time, at least, I was done with my portion a couple hours in advance. My partner, seemed to run long. However, I still didn't have the kind of time to do the careful rewriting I promised myself I would do. It is however, FAR better than our rough draft....Shieza! ANYWAY... this has been hell week. Didnt't even bother going to class... spent all my days... full time with my friend Westlaw. So I learned how to do legal research... woopeee.... actually, it was kinda fun to finda a case that was exactly on point. That was cool. You get this feeling like you are hammering nails in the other guys coffin. ... maybe I want to be a litigator after all... After an hour and a half of sleep in the middle of the afternoon, I almost feel human again. Maybe I will go to the gym.... Now I start to understand when people described the first year of law school as hellish....

I feel like this:


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