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November 13, 2005

Sunday Afternoons...

...are tough time... I spend atleast an hour wondering what I want to get out of this week, what do I need to finish, how much work do I have to do.... and then finally feeling overwhelmed. Then I spend an hour online...looking for distractions, and today I ended up on book in Amazon describing all the other things I can do with a law degree besides becoming a lawyer. There are some things about lawyering that I like. And there is a LOT of very boring work involved too. In my internship I have 4000 pages of document review waiting for me. Ridiculous. Pointless.... for an internship. I wanted to learn.... thats why I went there... guess I'm learing the reality of doing Antitrust work.

So...do I want to be a lawyer? I realize that I am not going to be some hot shot partner at Skadden, thats is out for my future.... Law school can be a total gut check like that.... if you really want it.. .you gotta work for it... so the real question is what do you REALLY want? because if you find that... you will get it. I know what I am spending most of my time doing at my internship is NOT what I really want... I know what I do like though.. .and that is oral argument, brief writing, presentation about issues that I find compelling....

But where do I find a forum to do that...? that is the point of my next search....for a summer job.

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