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August 09, 2004

Not Advice

Heidi at Letters of Marque completes her "not-advice series" with Exam Tips 3: What you should get out of practice exams. The previous entries in this series cover nearly all the other critical aspects of getting the most out of your first year.

In the preface to her latest entry, Heidi explains that her posts do not contain advice so much as discussions of possibilities, suggestions, things to consider. She makes excellent points about the weaknesses of trying to collect "advice" about an experience that is different for everyone, and "the only piece of actual advice" she actually gives is this:

many many people have successfully approached law school in a large number of ways. Trust yourself. If you've never learned well by working in groups, don't join a study group. If you learn best by discussing with other people, do that. Know what you want, and do what you have to to get it. Because ultimately, even the people who write big expensive books that charge lots of money are not really giving advice. They're just saying, "hey, this worked for me!" Hopefully you'll learn to trust yourself. And next year, maybe you'll be able to say "Hey, this worked for me!" too.

She's right, of course. Which is why, even if what she offers cannot be properly called "advice," it's still well worth your time to learn how she did it, and to understand what worked for her. Who knows? It may work for you, as well. Or, it may not. Either way, you've learned something, and that's really the idea, isn't it?

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