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August 01, 2004

Summer Associate Mega-Post

Another Jeremy, this time the incomparable Jeremy Blachman, recently rounded up many many of his thoughts on what it's like to be a rising 3L summer associate in a big NY law firm. It's all right there in: Are You Interviewing Soon? The Day-In-The-Life-Of-A-Summer-Associate MegaPost. A must-read for anyone planning to try this, and even for those of us who don't think we ever will. Apparently the position comes with free muffins and bagels in the morning, a secretary, a computer w/Internet access and email, a rotation system for giving associates experience in different practice areas, lots of nice lunches, some discussions of what the associates and partners do with their days, and "one or two nights a week, the day finishes with some sort of summer associate event . . . bowling, scavenger hunt, culinary class, Broadway show, concert, etc." As for the work itself, Jeremy says it includes:

Researching on Lexis and Westlaw, writing up summaries of cases or memos or other big stacks of paper, reading through big documents looking for small stuff, helping to organize or arrange or manage big stacks of paper, filling out forms, checking rules and procedures, drafting e-mails, memos, perhaps some contractual language, drafting initial stabs at sections of a brief, sitting in on conference calls, going to hearings, tagging along in court, perhaps sitting in on a client meeting.  That's basically the collection of tasks.

The fact that he appears to have written the entire gargantuan post while "at work" may just tell you all you need to know about his experience as a summer associate. Then again, it may not.

Aside: I really recommend reading Jeremy's blog regularly. You'll be a happier person, and you'll learn a lot, too.

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