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August 26, 2004

Welcome the Queen!

It's Friday, which is funny, don't you think? Oh, it's not? Well just wait, because Blawg Wisdom has a real treat for you today (or soon). Announcing Energy Spatula, our new Queen of the Funny Wisdom, or Queen of Wise Funnies, or Wise of Funny Queens, or something like that. What I know for sure is: she rocks, and that's what matters.

Every Friday (or every other Friday, or every third Friday, or just whenever she has time and feels like it and has or knows about some good material), Energy Spatula will be posting Friday Funnies here at Blawg Wisdom for your enlightenment and enjoyment. She'll be posting links to satirical, sarcastic, witty, and otherwise humorous bits of advice and thoughts about law school. There are numerous examples of this type of post, and we hope that our funnies will make you laugh, or at least allow you to blow off steam knowing that someone else feels exactly as you do about the gunner in row three. (Apologies to gunners; we know you can't really help it and we love you anyway. Most of the time.)

So welcome, ES! Let the funnies begin!

Note: I have no idea if ES has any funnies lined up for today, and if she doesn't, don't hold it against her. She'll get around to it when she feels like it. Got it?

Posted by mowabb at August 26, 2004 09:35 AM

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