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September 17, 2004

Letters to Gunners

One of the most oft-mined veins of law school humor is known as "make fun o' the gunner!" Stories about the people (usually male) who really couldn't shut up to save their lives, the kiddies with the spring-loaded hands that keep shooting up in class even when said hand interrupts the professor mid-sentence and derails everyone's train of thought. Yeah, those are gunners, and they're so fun to mock it never seems gets old. Want proof? See Hoya Slapsa's Open Letter to the Section Four Gunner. It's short, and so very sweet. For more wide-ranging and sarcastic advice for both gunners and several other, um, "special" types of law student, Transmogriflaw kindly offers For the Special Students. Of course, we all know that any post that begins with compliments about Blawg Wisdom is a post that deserves the immediate and close attention of the masses. Flattery (and good sarcasm) will get you everywhere. See all this attention gunners get? It's really because we love them. Here's to you, law school gunner guys (and girls)!

Posted by mowabb at September 17, 2004 12:26 PM

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