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September 17, 2004

OCI, for those days when private humiliation just isn't good enough.

Well, it's that time of the year again. No, not Talk Like a Pirate Day (well, not ONLY that)...On Campus Interviews! So much fun for all involved. Really. So, this week's Friday Funnies are dedicated to the fun, the glamour, the overwhelming feeling of complete inadequacy known as OCI.

First thing you have to do is get an interview. I'm gonna help you out with that over at Favorable Dicta with "OCI: Where Grades Are The Most Important Thing About You...EVER!"

Next, once you have some interviews scheduled, head on over to Wings and Vodka for some Tips on Interviewing. Tip #4 "Think Before You Speak" is especially helpful when you get an extra-special question that comes from deep within the tortured soul of an interviewing attorney. For Example:

"So, tell me what high school was like?"


"What do you think will be the worst thing about this job?"

And, should you be looking for advice on job-hunting done in the evil devil on shoulder vs. sweet angel on shoulder format, well then, Jeremy has just the post for you. Also, as I am a HUGE stalker fan of Jeremy's, you can read all of his OCI advice (and pretty much everything else, sorted categorically) here.

If you follow this advice, then you can have a soul-numbing successful OCI experience to reminisce about in therapy with friends and family for years to come.

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