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September 27, 2004

Request: Extracurricular Reading?

Neo Tokyo Times is wondering if there's any reading a good law student should be doing outside of what's assigned. He writes:
Now, the big question I have to ask myself, and you fair reader, is what kinds of outside reading are the most useful? I've been skimming through some of the referenced law review articles in our casebooks, but oftentimes the longer and more extensive articles start discussing increasingly obscure minutia well beyond the scope of my classes. And some of the professor's articles are similarly obscure. Should I be spending extra time on treatises? Headnotes, or those sort of commercial guides? I'm definitely going to start progressively outlining every week, so that the material is fresh during my outlining process, but I don't think that'll take much more than a few hours on the weekends. Anyhow, I think my next minor project is to research and discover the processes people use to achieve excellence as law students.
Hm. That's a puzzler. I don't recall having enough time as a 1L to do a lot of "outside" reading. I couldn't even keep up with the "inside" reading. So I'm obviously not the person to ask, because I'd say that the only outside reading that's useful is any that you need to help you understand the inside reading, but if you can do all the inside reading and get in your head in an easily accessible fashion, you're good. Save the outside reading for the summer, or ... later, anyway. But like I said, I'm not the person to ask. Anyone have any ideas for NTT? If so, you can leave them here, or in the comments on his post. Oh, and NTT, as you discover the processes people use to achieve excellence as law students, please share!

Posted by mowabb at September 27, 2004 10:48 AM

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Yesterday my Prof. Corporations gave us a list of three books he'd recommend we read if we're looking for extra reading. That gave me an idea: If you're looking for good outside reading, perhaps the best thing to do is to ask your professors for recommendations. They're sure to have some, and that way you can be sure that whatever you're reading will be taking you in the right direction as far as that professor (and his/her final) is concerned. Just an idea...

Posted by: ambimb at September 28, 2004 03:03 PM

I think ambimb hit it dead on. I would add a suggestion that you read up on subjects that interest you. e.g. If you enjoy Constitutional Law, ask your Con Law prof. for suggested readings. There's no point reading something you dislike if you don't have to. (Unless you're looking to do just that.)

Posted by: Alan at September 28, 2004 04:52 PM