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September 18, 2004

Request: Is law stable, and what is it really like?

This just in from "CP" on the Wisdom Request Wire:
I'm a network admin right now, but am afraid that the computer/IT industry is going downhill or will go even more downhill than it already has been going downhill. My question is: do you think the legal field is a more stable one in the long run than computer/IT? I don't see too many 50+ year old IT professionals, unless they're in management, but I do see a lot of lawyers in their 50s and still enjoying what they're doing (well, "enjoy" is such a dodgy term... just joking). Also, where can I find info on what it's actually like to be a lawyer on a day to day basis? I've checked out two websites that friends recommended: Vault.com and WetFeet.com, and while they do have attorneys writing about what they do, it somehow still doesn't seem to let me know what it's "really" like. I'm mostly interested in working for a corporate law firm. Arguing cases in court isn't my thing. (I hope that doesn't mean I can't become a lawyer? Gulp.) Thanks in advance for all your help and advice!
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Posted by mowabb at September 18, 2004 10:23 AM

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