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September 23, 2004

Request: Measuring Competitiveness at Law Schools

Sui Generis writes:
Much like "k" at "I hate stupid people," one of the most important things I'm looking for in a law school is a cooperative (or at least non-hostile) student environment. In general, I thought this post sounded like really good advice but it got me to wondering: What is the easiest/most reliable way to learn how competitive a school really is? Thanks!
So does anyone have any suggestions on this? It seems like a tough question because just about everyone I could think of to ask (current students, professors, administrators) would seem to have a sort of vested interest in answering more one way than another. Also, everyone has their own experience; where one student will say School X is hyper-competitive, another student may say the same school is chill and cooperative. So are there any statistics or reliable sources measuring the competitiveness variable?

Posted by mowabb at September 23, 2004 08:09 PM

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