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September 13, 2004

Wisdom Requests

Introducing a new feature here at Blawg Wisdom: The Wisdom Request Form! This form is an opportunity to connect two different types of Blawg Wisdom readers: People with questions and people with "answers" (or responses to questions, anyway). People With Questions: If you're someone thinking about going to law school, or if you've decided to go, or if you're already in law school, the Wisdom Request Form is for you. The next time you find a law-school related issue that you have questions about, visit Blawg Wisdom, fill out the request form, we'll post your question, and wisdom will soon return to you (we hope) via the generosity and kindness of the law students and lawyers who have dealt with that issue in the past. These wise people will respond to your query on their own blawgs and submit the links, or they'll just reply in the comments to your query, OR they'll respond directly on the submission form, and we'll collect them into a future post on Blawg Wisdom as soon as we can. People With Answers: If you're a current law student or practicing attorney, check back with Blawg Wisdom once in a while to see if there are any requests (they'll be collected in a "Requests" category). (We may also send emails w/specific requests if we know of people who might be especially well qualified to respond.) Then, either respond to the request on your own blawg and submit the link, or reply in the comments to the request, OR post a response directly to Blawg Wisdom via the submission form. As always, you'll be helping other law students have an easier time with the challenges of law school, and you may also learn a little bit yourself in the process of thinking and writing about the issues raised by the requests. So request and submit to your heart's content. Blawg Wisdom loves you.

Posted by mowabb at September 13, 2004 06:38 AM

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