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November 30, 2004

Seeking: A public interest job

Austin, TX legal aid attorney Kelli Dunn Howard offers suggestions on how to get the public interest job you want, including: start looking early, apply for grants and fellowships, demonstrate dedication to the work, and remember that it's not about the money.

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How to Land A Prestigious Clerkship

Judge William Norris offers tips on landing a prestigious judicial clerkship, including: get good grades at a good school, be a good communicator, be a generalist who is good at many things, be flexible, and be yourself. Sounds like good advice for getting any legal job.

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November 26, 2004

Request: Finals Preps

One-L “uhoh” writes:
Ok, so now I'm hopelessly behind in the reading. And when viewed in the cold light of day, after a night of purported inspiration, my outlines have revealed themselves to be the product of a very disturbed and caffine-crazed mind. Given that it's probably too late in the semester to actually learn the law, on what skills should I focus in order to mitigate the damage?
And given that it may be too late for advice at this point, can anyone offer any concise finals prep tips for all of us heading into finals in the next few weeks? If you could pass on one single secret of your success, what would it be? (Feel free to offer more than one, but since we're all pressed for time...) UPDATE: This should probably be in the “what not to do to prepare for finals” file, but Jeremy Blachman offers a few of the best things you can do when you're supposed to be studying but would just prefer not.

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Request: Williams v. Walker

“Dissenter” writes:
Hi, remember Williams v. Walker-Thomas Furniture Co. from first year contracts class? Just wondering if anyone knows what happened to this case after the case was remanded to trial court? did walker-thomas furniture co settle? (subsequent history not reported).

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Request: 1L Looking for Work

A reader wrote in a couple of weeks ago with the following request:
Nov. 1 is officially behind us. I can now start looking for work. The question is where? I go to a regional school in a major metropolitan area. I have no idea what kind of law I'd like to practice but personal bias suggests that criminal law and insurance defense are probably out. How do I find out about superior court judges who will accept my free labor? Any other ideas?
One easy answer is to talk to your school's career office — they should be able to tell you about good best for judges to talk to and that sort of thing. They should also be able to help you go through the options for your particular region. You probably knew that, though, so two books I'd recommend: I have both, and think both should be required reading for 1st semester of 1L simply because they can help you make better-informed choices as you explore what to do with your J.D. Any other great tips out there?

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Your editor apologizes for dropping the Blawg Wisdom ball of late. I'll be posting a few requests for wisdom here soon, so please don't let my lack of diligence stop you from responding to these requests if you can. Thanks!

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So You want to be a law student?

Submitted by helpful reader Dan: Advice from a law school admissions committee member, Professor Christine Hurt of Conglomerate, about what matters to her when she's looking at an application. She briefly covers the LSAT score, your letters of recommendation, your essays, and how you handle any “criminal incidents.”

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