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December 17, 2004

Career Planning

JD Bliss interviews Dennis Kennedy about how he developed a career that made him “TechnoLawyer of the Year.” The interview might be helpful for anyone who would like to combine interests in technology and law, but Kennedy also offers more general career advice, including:
Based on my own experience, I’m a strong advocate of seeking guidance from a knowledgeable third party – a career coach, or someone similar, perhaps even a group of trusted advisors – who can help you decide what you really want to do and develop a strategy for doing it.  I acknowledge that it is a very difficult step for any lawyer to leave a firm, but I've met too many unhappy lawyers who feel they are trapped and “can't leave” their firms. I've also learned that if you’re so unhappy at what you’re doing that it negatively affects your health, it’s time to leave. However, it's far better to recognize that you need to make a change before you see health or other consequences. When you decide to make a change, you have to ask for help.

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