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December 06, 2004

Message to 1Ls: It Gets Better

Jeremy Blachman offers some unsolicited advice for 1Ls heading into their first round of finals:
Right now is the hardest point, because there's all of this material and no way of knowing where you stand. If you're just worried that you can't do this for three years, that you can't handle it -- you're mere weeks from the end of the semester, and, really, truly, honestly -- the spring is so much better, and 2L and 3L are nothing. No matter how you're feeling now, it's not like that forever.
Meanwhile, Stay of Execution has kindly linked up her past advice on the topic of finals, including: Both Jeremy and Scheherazade are quite right: Your finals will probably never feel like this again. You may never feel like this again. So enjoy the craziness, if you can, and best wishes for a sane and successful finals season.

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