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December 07, 2004

Outlines and Exam Tip

It may be too late for most at this point, but if you're still looking for outlines for your classes, Sapere Aude is starting an outline bank for all the kiddies at Indiana University School of Law in Indy. That blog's Lucas Sayre suggests other sources for law school outlines include the Internet Legal Research Group and the 4LawSchool Outline Bank. Of course, the best resource for outlines is to ask a friend at your own school who has previously taken the class for which you need the outline, but you knew that, right? Sapere Aude's Kelly Scanlan also offers an exam tip: You already know the answer.
The concept is this: each semester there is only a finite number of subjects around which your professor can craft a test question. And of course, you already know what those subjects are. Check out your syllabus or the table of contents of your casebook. Make a list of possible exam topics and realize that there are less than you may think. Take cues from what topics your prof spent the most time on in class, what topics are most important overall, and what topics appear in old exams (if available) to determine which ones are most likely to be covered this time around.
Good stuff, and there's more where that came from, with more on the way—Kelly promises a tip a day for the rest of the week, so keep checking in.

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