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January 22, 2005

3L Seeks Transaction Position

The New York Lawyer offers some advice to a 3L seeking a “mid- to large-firm position doing transactional work before it's too late.” The advice-seeker has a rich background and has switched to law after first pursuing a career in philosophy, so the advice is aimed at the “career-changer”:
Whenever changing careers or career goals, you must show that you are not still clinging to your former life and that you are not going to be hopping from one career to the next. You must reassure employers that you have settled on a career path. In your situation, you have to indicate that you are a law student who has an interesting background in philosophy and policy work, as opposed to a philosophy student and academic who happens to be in law school. The way that you talk about yourself is the way that employers will view you.
Sounds like good advice. The advisor goes on to basically give a little lesson in what those in the “business communication” field call “positive emphasis”—always say only positive things in an interview and/or cover letter. (The negative way to say the same thing: Never talk about negative things in an interview and/or cover letter. See the difference?) The advisor also discusses how a 3L seeking law firm work might handle a situation where he/she didn't work at a firm after his/her first or second year of law school. [Link via JD2B]

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