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February 21, 2005

Georgetown and Section 3

Attention everyone who applied to Georgetown (GULC), everyone who might consider applying there in the future, and all those who are in or have finished law school but are less than satisfied with what they found there: The Scoplaw has recently begun removing the veil from GULC's “alternative” first-year curriculum, describing what it is and why you might consider applying. It's great stuff for prospective students, but also for current students and graduates who care about how and whether legal education benefits society (or doesn't). The Scoplaw may be writing more on this in the future, in which case the posts will be collected in the Section 3 Category. 2-24-05 See also: More from one of the Scoplaw's colleagues, including a link to How Law School Can be Different, a wiki “for a group of Georgetown Law students who would like to carry on the reforms to legal pedagogy begun by our professors fifteen years ago.” For what it's all about, see the call to action.

Posted by mowabb at February 21, 2005 06:13 AM

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