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March 25, 2005

First Day of Law School Tutorial

Also via JD2B comes the Southern Methodist University Dedman Law School First Day of Law School Tutorial which claims to be “designed to help prospective law students understand how the Socratic method of instruction used in US law schools differs from the method of instruction used in most US undergraduate education or legal education outside the US.” This tutorial looks interesting, and possibly worth an hour or two of your time if you're starting law school this fall. It shows you cases and sample briefs for those cases, which is definitely helpful. It also tries to tell you what a professor is thinking when she asks a certain question and helps you find the “right” answer she's looking for. As JD2B noted, it's all a little bizarre, but law school is bizarre, and this is free, so, um, why not?

Posted by mowabb at March 25, 2005 06:44 AM

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