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April 29, 2005

Book Review: Introduction to the Study and Practice of Law

As part of her (I think her; so hard to keep track of genders sometimes) pre-law reading, CM at Magic Cookie
reviews Introduction to the Study and Practice of Law, a Nutshell book by Professor Kenney Hegland. The review follows CM's previous notes about OneL and includes brief comments about Law School Confidential, as well. CM writes:

This was the best of the three, although not as widely known. Unlike the other books, this one does not focus solely on what law school will be like. Instead, Hegland tries to explain the fundamentals of studying law: how to read and understand a case, how a trial works, how to write effectively.

It sounds like the book is not just intended for pre-law preparation, but contains information that law students and graduates might find helpful, as well.

Oh, and for you pre-law students who think you might not want to do any law-related reading prior to law school, you're in good company.

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April 25, 2005

Law Review -- Should You Even Try?

Group blawg De Novo recently wrapped up a symposium on the subject of law review. The final post in the symposium links to all previous posts, making it a good place to start. The discussion includes many different perspectives and many of them garnered some spirited discussion. This is definitely great preparation for those of you who still have to decide whether to compete for a position on law review. For those of you who have already competed, you might want to check it out anyway. If you made it, the posts in favor of law review will be helpful; if you didn't make it, there is plenty of discussion of reasons why you're better off w/out law review, anyway.

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2L Scheduling

This is now weeks late, but Armen at De Novo recently sent out a request for advice about planning his 2L schedule and he received some good responses. Definitely worth checking out if you're in the scheduling land of the lost.

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April 21, 2005

The Non-Traditional Application to Law School

Are you non-traditional? Will law be your second career? Kristine at divine angst has some advice about the application process when you're not just out of college.

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First, Make a Case: Is Law School for You?

The Washington Post reviews the new book intended to help you decide whether to attend or finish law school—Should You Really Be A Lawyer?

Schneider and Belsky encourage would-be law students to really consider the cost of attending law school. The debts you take on, and the opportunity costs of spending three years of your life pursuing this degree will have an impact on the rest of your life. Once you're in school, it's hard to fight the momentum that will keep you there, and then sweep you into a career you may not be suited for.

And yet, law school applicants rarely perform even basic number-crunching before signing up for the LSAT, Schneider and Belsky contend. As a result, while half of all law students come in saying they want to do public interest work, less than 4 percent wind up in such fields -- mainly because of their debt loads, which can easily reach six-figures.

This is the most complete and helpful review I've yet seen so if you've wondered whether you should buy this book, I definitely recommend you check out this review. Also, Deborah Schneider, one of the book's authors, will be doing an online chat on May 6th at 2 p.m. here. Get your questions ready!

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April 12, 2005

Law-Related Thing that Sucks: Getting Into Law School

If you get into law school, you need to ask yourself: Are you feeling lucky? And do you have an eye to spare? That's the message of today's Law Related Thing that Sucks, a podcast series from Notes from the (Legal) Underground. This might be funny, depending on whether you've recently had your eyes poked out by a professor in law school. Give it a listen and you'll know what I'm talking about.

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April 10, 2005

Is Grading Really Blind?

As spring finals approach, there's no better time for a huge discussion law school exam grading. The conversation features lots of contributions from law students, former law students and professors at major schools. Some portion of it verges on mean-spirited griping, but you'll also find some good thoughts to chew on as you prepare for exams if you sift through the rest.

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How to get onto Law Review

Although it may come a little late for some, a little early for others, the 2005-2006 Managing Editor Executive Articles Editor (or Editor in Chief, or something; I'm not sure of her official title) of the Michigan Law Review discusses How to get onto Law Review. The short version? Follow the directions, silly. UPDATE: For a little perspective on whether Law Review is actually necessary, see The Numbers Game: A Team I Decline to Join at WonL. Of course, if you're interested in this topic, you should also check out the now classic Why Law Review Is A Waste of Time From Stay of Execution.

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