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May 30, 2005

Admissions myths debunked

Christine Hurt at Conglomerate finishes up her series of posts on admissions with one on admissions myths. (Also read the first three posts here, here, and here).

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May 27, 2005

Request: Loyola or Southwestern?

A pre-law student in the midst of deciding where to go to school writes:

I am a prospective student that has been admitted to both Loyola (second tier) and to Southwestern Law School(third tier) in Los Angeles. Southwestern has offered me a full tuition scholarship while I would have to finance most, if not all, of Loyola's tuition. I noticed that Loyola and Southwestern have the same bar passage rate (61 %)for first time test takers and the average starting salary for graduates is actually $10,000 higher at Southwestern. The schools seem very similar and I cannot understand why Loyola is ranked higher. Wouldn't it be better to choose Southwestern? Is rank really that important? Any thoughts?

If you have any thoughts on either of these schools or making school choices in general, please share it in the comments. Thanks!

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May 03, 2005

Resources to Prepare You for Your First Days as a Lawyer, and for the Days that Follow

Hey all you recent or soon-to-be graduates: Check out Dennis Kennedy's advice for “every law student and young lawyer”, by which he means all associates and all new partners. In short, Kennedy recommends working with a career coach to help you make good career decisions from the start, and reading What Law School Doesn't Teach You: But You Really Need to Know by Kim Walton. He also recommends some online resources for new lawyers, including materials from the ABA, Findlaw, and Vault. Not surprisingly, he also recommends reading blawgs:

If you listen carefully, you will start to hear talk about the way that the lawyer bloggers are helping change the image of lawyers for the better with their helpfulness and generosity. Although there are many examples, I want to single out three blogs that often have useful advice, tips and discussion for young lawyers: Evan Schaeffer's Notes from the (Legal) Underground, Scheherezade Fowler's Stay of Execution, and Arnie Herz's Legal Sanity.

I'm sure he just decided not to mention his own blawg because he assumed everyone was reading it regularly already.

[link via Notes from the (Legal) Underground]

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