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July 28, 2005

Perfecto Personal Statements

Josh at Bad Glacier offers a some thoughts on how to write a personal statement for the law school admissions process. It also links to his advice on the LSAT, so it's great reading for all prospective students just getting started down the road. Check out the comments for more goodness, and the followup grammar tips add an appropriate dose of school-teacher and wit..

If you find this sort of material useful, be sure to check the Pre-Law Wisdom archives for more. There you can search for “personal statement” or “LSAT” or “rank” or “choosing” (for choosing a school) to find more information from people who've been there.

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July 27, 2005

Reading Recs for Prospective Students

Professor Gordon Smith recently commented on a number of books frequently recommended for prospective law students, including his number one recommendation:

But one book on Harvard's list stands out above all others in my memory. It is a book about lawyers, legal strategy, and the power of law to change the world. It was recommended to me by a professor at Yale, and if I could choose only one book to recommend to prospective law students, this would be the one: Richard Kluger, Simple Justice.

In the comments and trackbacks there you'll find more discussion and recommendations — plenty of possibilities to fill the rest of your summer if you're waiting to start school or just considering whether to take the plunge for the LSAT.

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July 16, 2005

Testo Presto?

Hi. This blog appears to be broken. If you can read this, what was broken has been fixed. Bartles and Jaymes thank you for your support.

UPDATE: I think it's fixed for real now. Thanks to Gary Said for the tip that uncovered the problem!

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July 12, 2005

Tips from a recent graduate

Shelley, now that she's been through the grinder and made it out alive, has an excellent list of tips from the general to the particular. None of my classmates ever bake cookies.

A commenter also linked to a piece by Dahlia Lithwick at Slate I can't believe I've never seen before.

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July 07, 2005

Pre-law advice from a law prof

Prof. Michael Madison of madisonian theory has a series of posts for the pre-law students among us. The most current post is Welcome to Law School, Part VII, covering grades. The first six are absolutely worth reading, too:

Prof. Madison has indicated this series will continue for at least a couple more posts. It's definitely worth checking out, particularly since the first day of law school is rapidly approaching for many of us!

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July 04, 2005

Beer and Sparklers For Everyone!

It's the Fourth of July! Happy Birthday, America!!

I don't know what the 4th of July means to you, but to me, it means good friends, tasty animals cooked with fire, getting drunk and watching things explode. Sometimes I really, really do love America.

The 4th has all the essential ingredients of a truly great American holiday. But apparently, not everyone loves America, as Jeremy Blachman discovered in this book review that reveals Why America Sucks.

At least I'm not the only one who will be groggy at work tomorrow, since it was The Larry and E. Spat Weekend 'o' Booze.

Oh, and don't forget, the 4th of July wasn't the only national holiday recently.

The 4th of July always means that summer is indeed here and in full swing, as Legal Quandary would remind us.

Carey over at Glorfindel of Gondolin is getting a real taste of Chicago this summer. And being the low-brow epicurean that I am, I'll offer some tasty suggestions: Top Notch Beef Burger (on the way South Side) and Pequod's Pizza on Clyborn. Oh, and you must go to Harold's Chicken in Hyde Park--fried chicken served through bullet proof glass--it is the finest fried linear bird you will ever eat. Yum.

It was a busy week all around. Scoplaw's grades came back, as did In Limine's. And Cathy was busy grading a writing competition. Now if only the people grading my write-on submission would give me some insight...

In other news, Sandra Day O'Connor announced her retirement. The Big Blawgs were all a flutter with musings, and Obsessive Law Student offered some thoughts as well. In an un-related post, Law and Alcoholism captured my reaction with this post titled: I would sell my soul for a glass of bourbon right about now.

Ditzy Genius has the Midas Touch, which is probably a pretty good thing for a future attorney. But it's not all rainmaking, as Jeremy Richey lifts the veil on his latest creation, and reminds us of The Power to Do Good.

And speaking of the power to do good, this weekend also saw Live 8. I happened to catch some of the same MTV/VH1 coverage Jaybeas Corpus did, and I have to agree that MTV sucks.

But you already knew that.

Happy Fourth of July everyone!

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