May 16, 2006

Audacity's Three Bar Tips

Just in time for bar review season, Audacity recently linked to thesethree tips for bar exam preparation:

  1. Do many multiple choice questions, but pay attention to the answers.
  2. Forget the essays, know the outlines.
  3. Know who you can and cannot talk to.
Audacity explains each one of these great tips to help you cope w/the stress that is a mult-day exam that will determine your entire future. No pressure there...

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January 22, 2006

Grab Bag

I've linked to Stay of Execution before as a great source of legal advice, but it's been a while. Apparently its author is no longer practicing law, but she still writes about the profession from time to time and has helpfully collected her posts on the subject here. There's some great stuff there, including some thoughts about whether to stay at a lower-tier law school with links to some of her other related posts, as well as her roundup of advice for studying for the bar. There's lots more there so if you have some free time it's a great place to browse.

Also, those thinking about law school or if you're unsure whether to stick with the legal profession, you might find some good food for thought in How to Do What You Love by Paul Graham. [Link via My Shingle.]It's got a kind of tough-talk but inspirational conclusion:

Whichever route you take, expect a struggle. Finding work you love is very difficult. Most people fail. Even if you succeed, it's rare to be free to work on what you want till your thirties or forties. But if you have the destination in sight you'll be more likely to arrive at it. If you know you can love work, you're in the home stretch, and if you know what work you love, you're practically there.

Again, if you have 15 free minutes, it's definitely worth a read.

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October 10, 2005

Alternatives to BarBri?

Jeremy Richey is wondering whether there are alternatives to BarBri for bar exam preparation. Specifically, he's looking at The Study Group. If you know anything about this course or any other BarBri alternative, please let Jeremy (and everyone else) know by posting comments here or there.

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September 12, 2005

Bar Review Flashcards

Ok, this won't help anyone at this very moment since I don't think it's possible to take a bar exam for the next few months, but if a bar exam is anywhere in your future, make yourself a little note to check out these Bar Review flashcards from Emory Law Student. Adam's notes about the cards:

They come mostly from BarBri and PMBR materials, as well as my lecture notes and even (when I could dig 'em up) my class notes from law school. Some of them will be specific to Georgia, but the MBE cards (Con Law, Contracts, Crim, Evidence, Property, and Torts) should be useful to everyone...

Adam also has a template for making flashcards in Word and directions for printing them out so you can make your own. Thanks, Adam!

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June 28, 2005

How one attorney studied for the bar

A litigator at the place I'm working this summer told us law students her technique for studying for the bar:

She said that BarBri was no help and a waste of money, and that instead she just did as many PMBR multiple-choice questions as possible. She said it helped her learn the patterns in the questions, which was more important than anything else.

(This runs counter to everything I've heard, but it's an interesting theory that might be helpful.)

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June 08, 2005

Bar Exam Prep Notes

Thousands of law students across the country are currently engaged in a two month marathon of masochism known as studying for the bar exam. These recent law school graduates are studying to try to master dozens of subjects for a 2-3 day exam that will determine whether they can join the sacred cabal of licensed practitioners. That's why now is a perfect time to check out these Bar Exam Prep Notes from Maine attorney Scheherazade of Stay of Execution. In addition to recommending an absurd amount of multiple choice practice questions, Scheherazade links to her previous advice about how to prepare for the exam and covers the details of what she did herself, including 2,299 practice questions and approximately 239 hours of real studying. (Yikes!) She also recommends a somewhat unorthodox note-taking style:

I can't recommend enough taking notes that incorporate pictures, color, and space (e.g. a poster, not an outline).  It will require you to make decisions about what should go near what else.  It will be a little bit more like playtime, so you'll do it.  And thinking about what kind of symbol or picture to draw to represent a concept will help you grasp the subject . . . .

As an example, check out her Torts study sheet. Pretty cool, huh?

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April 25, 2005

Law Review -- Should You Even Try?

Group blawg De Novo recently wrapped up a symposium on the subject of law review. The final post in the symposium links to all previous posts, making it a good place to start. The discussion includes many different perspectives and many of them garnered some spirited discussion. This is definitely great preparation for those of you who still have to decide whether to compete for a position on law review. For those of you who have already competed, you might want to check it out anyway. If you made it, the posts in favor of law review will be helpful; if you didn't make it, there is plenty of discussion of reasons why you're better off w/out law review, anyway.

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December 01, 2004

Lower Stress Bar Review

Sharon Brooks of the National Law Journal offers “tips to help law students get it together during these tying times,” —the trying times of waiting for the results of the bar exam, that is. I assume most everyone who took the bar exam last summer has learned their results, but this is something possibly to file away for future years...

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August 25, 2004

Is Bar-Bri worth it?

Taunting Happy Funball says yes.

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