May 19, 2007

Dearth/Death of Wisdom

Dear Visitor to Blawg Wisdom,

This site is now in mothballs. It was a neat little thing for a couple of years, but it seems to have reached its own logical conclusion many moons ago. If you're thinking about going to law school, or if you're in law school now, you might still find something in the archives that is useful or helpful, but comments are now closed and it is unlikely you'll ever see another post here. If you'd like to contact the blog's authors/creators, you can still do so via the “contact” link at right.

So long, and thanks for all the fish fun.


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January 22, 2006

The Future of Blawg Wisdom

Blawg Wisdom hasn't been very active for a while now and I'm currently thinking about what to do about that. My ideas at this point are just to leave it as-is, but update even less frequently than in the past, or hand it over to someone else to manage.

If you have ideas, please let me know.

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December 11, 2005

Ethical Use of Stationary

Katherine writes:

Assume you're an associate and you're leaving a firm. Would it be unethical to use the firm's stationary to send out a letter to clients explaining that you're leaving? Comments would be appreciated.

This is actually sort of related to one of the things we recently covered in employment law. My understanding is that it's perfectly fine (and legal) to tell current clients in advance that you're planning on leaving your current job. It's even ok to tell them that you're going to be starting your own business that might be competing with the business of your current employer. However, it is not ok to actively solicit customers for your new business before you've quit your old job. The legal battles are fought on the line between notifying and soliciting.

Of course, that's just a tangent. Katherine's question is whether you can use firm stationary to explain that you're leaving the firm. I say yes. Why not? So long as you're not asking them to follow you to a new firm or your own business, it's just professional courtesy to let your clients know you're moving on. And so long as you're still employed by the firm, it's part of your business to let the clients know that you're leaving, so using business stationary seems like the right thing to do.

So, dear readers, what do you think? Please comment here or at Not for Sheep.

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October 19, 2005

Aw Shucks

A reader writes:

I would simply like to state that I have found this site to be extremely helpful and encouraging. Thank you for addressing my questions so quickly. This site is helping me feel less nervous and overwhelmed about the law school process. Thanks again.

You're most certainly welcome, and thank you for letting us know you've found something here helpful. Thanks especially also to the many readers of Blawg Wisdom who leave comments responding to other readers' questions, as well as to all the people who have sent pointers to helpful blog posts around the blawgosphere since August 1, 2004.

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July 16, 2005

Testo Presto?

Hi. This blog appears to be broken. If you can read this, what was broken has been fixed. Bartles and Jaymes thank you for your support.

UPDATE: I think it's fixed for real now. Thanks to Gary Said for the tip that uncovered the problem!

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June 27, 2005

Housekeeping: Recent Comments, Blogroll, & Technorati

In the ongoing quest to keep Blawg Wisdom useful and easy to use the sidebar now contains:

Do you have ideas for improving Blawg Wisdom? If so, let us know!

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June 05, 2005

Welcome Wisdom Contributors!

Blawg Wisdom is now being brought to you with the skilled and generous assistance of:

These five intrepid volunteers will be searching the “blawgosphere” for great tips, advice, and, well, wisdom to link to here—all for you! As you can see from recent posts, they've already started making great contributions and I'm confident that Blawg Wisdom will become a more active and useful site for all of us thanks to their efforts.

Welcome everyone, and thanks!

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November 26, 2004


Your editor apologizes for dropping the Blawg Wisdom ball of late. I'll be posting a few requests for wisdom here soon, so please don't let my lack of diligence stop you from responding to these requests if you can. Thanks!

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September 13, 2004

Wisdom Requests

Introducing a new feature here at Blawg Wisdom: The Wisdom Request Form! This form is an opportunity to connect two different types of Blawg Wisdom readers: People with questions and people with "answers" (or responses to questions, anyway). People With Questions: If you're someone thinking about going to law school, or if you've decided to go, or if you're already in law school, the Wisdom Request Form is for you. The next time you find a law-school related issue that you have questions about, visit Blawg Wisdom, fill out the request form, we'll post your question, and wisdom will soon return to you (we hope) via the generosity and kindness of the law students and lawyers who have dealt with that issue in the past. These wise people will respond to your query on their own blawgs and submit the links, or they'll just reply in the comments to your query, OR they'll respond directly on the submission form, and we'll collect them into a future post on Blawg Wisdom as soon as we can. People With Answers: If you're a current law student or practicing attorney, check back with Blawg Wisdom once in a while to see if there are any requests (they'll be collected in a "Requests" category). (We may also send emails w/specific requests if we know of people who might be especially well qualified to respond.) Then, either respond to the request on your own blawg and submit the link, or reply in the comments to the request, OR post a response directly to Blawg Wisdom via the submission form. As always, you'll be helping other law students have an easier time with the challenges of law school, and you may also learn a little bit yourself in the process of thinking and writing about the issues raised by the requests. So request and submit to your heart's content. Blawg Wisdom loves you.

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August 26, 2004

Welcome the Queen!

It's Friday, which is funny, don't you think? Oh, it's not? Well just wait, because Blawg Wisdom has a real treat for you today (or soon). Announcing Energy Spatula, our new Queen of the Funny Wisdom, or Queen of Wise Funnies, or Wise of Funny Queens, or something like that. What I know for sure is: she rocks, and that's what matters.

Every Friday (or every other Friday, or every third Friday, or just whenever she has time and feels like it and has or knows about some good material), Energy Spatula will be posting Friday Funnies here at Blawg Wisdom for your enlightenment and enjoyment. She'll be posting links to satirical, sarcastic, witty, and otherwise humorous bits of advice and thoughts about law school. There are numerous examples of this type of post, and we hope that our funnies will make you laugh, or at least allow you to blow off steam knowing that someone else feels exactly as you do about the gunner in row three. (Apologies to gunners; we know you can't really help it and we love you anyway. Most of the time.)

So welcome, ES! Let the funnies begin!

Note: I have no idea if ES has any funnies lined up for today, and if she doesn't, don't hold it against her. She'll get around to it when she feels like it. Got it?

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New Submission Form

Introducing a new (and preferred) way to contribute to Blawg Wisdom: the bright and shiny Submit Wisdom Form! Check it out. Any time you'd like to see Blawg Wisdom feature a link to something, just click to the index page, and click on the "Submit Wisdom" link in the upper-right column to reach the form. Please use it early and often to let us know about posts you write or read which contain advice, tips, helpful thoughts, etc. about any aspect of the law school experience. Contributors are now 35 strong, and growing. Wouldn't you like to be a contributor, too? (It's like a pepper, as in "I'm a pepper, he's a pepper, wouldn't you like to be a pepper too? Dr. Pepper! Drink Dr. Pepper!" -- only, um, not.)


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August 01, 2004

About Blawg Wisdom

Ed. note: This post has been updated to reflect changes to the site since it was first posted.

Law students, professors, and practitioners who blog are constantly writing posts that consist entirely or predominantly of advice to law students and recent law school graduates. However, since these bits of advice appear all over the web and at random times, it's hard for any one law student to know where to find them.

Enter Blawg Wisdom.

The idea behind Blawg Wisdom is simple: Gather together as much advice from blawgers as possible about law school and beginning a career in the law. That's it. Blawg Wisdom is an advice aggregator.

Here's how it works:
If you write something online that contains explicit advice for other law students, please let me know about it via the "Submit Wisdom" link at the top of the right column of the main page. OR, if you read something like this online, please tell me about that, too. The submission form allows you to indicate where the advice is (the URL), and to provide a short summary of what readers will find there. When I receive your submission, I will post a link to it with your summary (or mine). If you do not have a blog but would like to submit wisdom, please do that via the form, as well, and I will post your submission as an entry on Blawg Wisdom. Eventually, we should end up with a nice collection of advice that will be easily-accessible to all who are interested.

New! If you'd like to request wisdom (advice, general thoughts) on a specific topic, please do so via the Wisdom Request Form.

Content will probably fall into several categories, including advice for pre-law, each year of law school, bar review, ethics, and job hunting. I will create easily-navigable have created categories once we have content to fill them to make it easier for different audiences to find the kind of advice they are looking for. If there's a category of advice you don't see but which you think would be helpful, please let me know.

The blogroll for this site may consist of links to sites that provide helfpul information for law students, but that that sort of aggregation is a function that many other sites already perform (i.e. JD2B), so if there's some other list of blawgs you'd like to see, just let me know and I'll start building it.

Note: If you are a coding wizard of and could help create a web form to collect advice submissions (so that people don't have to do it via email), that would be terrific.

Also, if you would like to share in the joy of keeping Blawg Wisdom up-to-date, let me know and I can add you as a poster. If you're part of the BlawgCoop, you'll have automatic access to post at Blawg Wisdom, as well.

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And so there were many in the land who wandered the vasty deep of the internet, the dusty shelves of the bookstores, and the random chance of the man-on-the-street, seeking always the keys to success in law school and to beginning a career in the law. And the resources sprang up all around to help them, and they were drowning in suggestions and dos and don'ts and if-this-happens-you-will-fails. Yet still they came, always searching for more secrets, tips, anecdotes with lessons embedded, and more, more more. They consumed them all greedily, and their search did not abate.

Meanwhile, the good people of blawgland were busily being law students, professors, legal practitioners, going about their lives humbly but with courage and honor, and all the while writing about every little bit of it. Sometimes the good people of blawgland bitched and moaned at the challenges and travails of their endeavors, and at other times they rejoiced triumphantly at some great success, but all the while they learned, and about that which they leaned, they wrote. And in their writing, scattered here and there throughout the hundreds and thousands of pages and millions of words and gazillions of virtual miles of blawgland—there, in that happy yet chaotic place were found the secrets of their success, random posts here and there containing the distilled wisdom of experience as a gift to all the world.

And on came the hungry hordes, thirsting for tips, advice, knowledge of experience, and they poured into blawgland in droves searching for the very best, the brightest, the most useful bits of information to help them advance just a few more steps in their journeys toward some future in legal practice. And they strove and they labored to find all the good stuff, they clicked and they read and they searched and they commented, but oh how they longed for one central resource, one paradise of pithy perspicaciousness. Where was this wonderful place, the one-stop-shop for the gathered wisdom of all those in blawgland who had passed this way before and learned so much in the passing? Would they wander forever in search of the best of the brightest in blawgland, finding the good advice one day, but missing it the next? Were they doomed to search and search, through every one of their favorite sites to cull from them the clear advice that was meant for them to find?

That is up to you, my friends. Welcome to Blawg Wisdom, advice about law school from those who are in it. Use it wisely, use it well, use it often, and it will grow and become the resource you sought, so that others will need seek no more.

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