blawgcoop: the co-op for law-related blogs
because your readers deserve better

Are you a 0L (pre-law), law student, law professor, or legal practitioner? Would you like to have a weblog running movable type or wordpress w/out the hassle of setting that up for yourself? If so, blawgcoop is for you. The goal of blawgcoop is to provide law bloggers, or blawgers, an inexpensive but robust home for blawging.

Here you can get a blawg over which you'll have full control -- you can have comments or not, archive as you desire, upload and post images, do whatever you want w/the look and feel, etc. Since it's a co-op, you pay only your share of the $50/year it costs to register and host the domain. That means, the more users we have, the less you pay (10 users pay $5/ea per year; 50 users pay $1/ea per year). However, no user will ever pay more than $5/year (except if a user starts going crazy w/disk space or bandwidth -- see below). That's it. Simple, huh?

Blawgcoop offers two ways for you to get started:
Plan 1: The "get started immediately" Plan. With this plan, you get a blawg at at "" You email us, we set things up, and you can begin posting right away. This plan offers the following advantages:

  1. It's fast, economical, and easy. You send an email asking for a blawg, we set it up, and you can be posting right away.
  2. You enjoy the robust blogging environment of MT or Wordpress, including built-in comments, automatic RSS feed generation, the ability to post images, etc.
  3. You can make your blawg look however you like by changing your template however you please.
  4. Bottom line: You get a great blawg at a custom URL, you have full control over that blawg, and it only costs you a maximum of $5/yr.

Plan 2: The "get your own domain but host with blawgcoop" Plan. With this plan, you register your own domain (if you'd like help with that, just ask), but host your blog with blawgcoop. Users will visit your blog at your domain (e.g., at ""), but your files will be stored and maintained on blawgcoop servers rather than your own. This plan offers the following advantages:

  1. You secure your own domain name so if you ever decide to host your blawg yourself, you've got the domain you want.
  2. Readers will be able to find your blawg easily‹you can make the URL match the name of the blawg.
  3. You don't have to pay the $5-$10/month it would cost to host the domain somewhere. If you register somewhere like you'll get free forwarding (and "masking" so that users won't see the foward) with your domain registration for only $8/yr.
  4. You don't have to hassle with setting up and maintaining your own MT or WordPress installation, but you get all the benefits of MT or WordPress.
  5. You can import your entries from an existing blawg to your new blawgcoop-hosted blawg so you'll have everything in one place. If you ever decide to fully host your own blawg yourself, MT makes such a move relatively easy. (I'm not sure about the migration features of WordPress but I'm sure we could figure it out.)
  6. Bottom line: Your total annual bill for your own MT or WordPress blawg at your own, custom URL will be $13. Per year. ($8 for your domain registration, $5 to host at blawgcoop.) That's a pretty good deal if you've been wanting to move away from blogspot or some other free service. (For the sake of comparison, it's hard to find web hosting anywhere for less than $5/month.)

To get set up with your own blawg under either plan, . Also, if you have other ideas about how blawgcoop could be useful to you, please let us know.

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Note: The proprietor of this site reserves the right to limit the number of users or to revoke any user's privileges if that user is somehow abusing blawgcoop. Individual users will be responsible for paying for extra bandwith and disk use if you cause blawgcoop to exceed its quotas. The quotas are high, so this is unlikely, and if at all possible we'll warn you in advance if it looks like this will ever be an issue. Thanks. Questions or suggestions? .